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Posted on October 29, 2023

Meet the Cats of Nosy Crow🐈‍⬛

Who says cats and crows don’t get along? October 29 is National Cat Day, so these crows are celebrating their feline companions—because there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a fluffy cat. Meet the cats of Nosy Crow!

Meet Martin
Dearest Martin became a member of our family in the autumn of 2017, emerging victorious from an arduous adoption journey on the incredibly prestigious pure-bred agora of Facebook Marketplace. Originally given the name of Martha, we found it best to arrange an alternate title upon becoming more acquainted with the young fellow. At the learned age of six, Martin has stood down many a foe in his path. Conquered is the skunk who deployed munitions week after week against him, until one fateful discharge directly into the countenance of our hero. Defeated is the fox after only months, their nightly skirmishes drawing to a close upon injury to Martin’s paw, inflicted by the ferocious orange fiend. As ever, he was undaunted, and too proud to admit to pain, such that he tried to refuse treatment by striking the veterinarian in the hip, where she had, consequently, just had surgery. Martin resides peacefully, having secured the surrounding wood through years of trial and tribulation. He rests under his own vine and fig tree, knowing hardship only as a distant memory.

Martin owns Avery Cook, Associate Marketing Manager.

Meet Nox and Fury
After a tragic early life that was filled with regular milk, adult wet cat food, and kitty flatulence, Nox moved into his furever home in the spring of 2013, where he was promptly put on a better diet. He quickly grew into the handsome and surly fellow you see before you. He is very good at napping, sitting on laps, and going far away from his owners only to call out to them to see if they will search for him. His owners have spent an inordinate amount of time researching his background, as they think he is part Siamese cat. Furiosa (or Fury) arrived at her furever home in the summer of 2016. Unlike Nox, her early life was soft and cozy and spent with her litter, of which she was the runt. This sweet girl does not like being held, but she loves to cuddle. However, don’t be fooled by this tiny lady. As indicated by her name, she is pure terror when she darts around the house with 10 AM zoomies, eats from her brother’s food bowl first and her own bowl second, and attempts to scratch any/all new carpet.

Nox and Fury own Ally Russell, Marketing Manager.

Meet Cinder
This is Cinder. She likes sitting on your keyboard while you work, screaming for treats, and demanding cuddles right when you are about to stand up. About twice a year she rediscovers her tail, runs to the bathtub to contain it, and then chases it in a circle. Obviously, we adore her!

Cinder owns Allison Hunter Hill, Editor.

Meet The Baby and Salem
The Baby is our little cat who was my pandemic project. He was about three months old in September 2020 and completely on his own when we spotted him streaking through our backyard. I put food out for him, but he was completely feral and would not let me get anywhere near him. There was a cold snap at the end of October and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him outside, so I got a trap from the local shelter and put sardines in it. Less than five minutes later he was caught, and very, very angry, hissing and spitting in an adorable way. He spent a few days at the shelter getting checked out and they let me know they weren’t sure if he could be made tame. Today he is the chattiest and cuddliest of our three cats, and I taught him to sit and catch treats with his paws. Here he is with Salem, one of our other cats, his best bud and the Batman to his Robin. (The Baby is the one meowing.)

The Baby and Salem own Jennifer Greene, Freelance Editor.

Meet Teller
Teller (as in Penn & Teller) is a 7-year-old short-haired tabby who loves long naps, lots of snuggles, and being petty. In his spare time, you can find him on a sunny windowsill, balled up on a warm lap, playing with his favorite tennis ball, or throwing his food all over the ground for immediate attention.

Teller owns Monique Sterling, Freelance Designer.

Meet Hawley
Hawley, aka “Little Kitty” joined our family in the fall of 2021.  She was born underneath a barn on a small, falling-down farm in Hawley, Massachusetts. She has brought our family much joy during the first two years of her life.  I am a very proud Kitty Daddy to this quirky little soul.

Hawley owns John Mendelson, President.